About Us

A house may be made of bricks and mortar, but a home is made up of so much more – by the way it smells, the people that live in it and how they spend moments of happiness together! While we may have learned to co-exist, we often overlook the power of spending even 10 constructive minutes together where everyone is truly involved! 

This is our little effort to get you and your loved ones closer, rediscover the joy of baking and make long lasting memories together. The power of creating something together in just 10 minutes, decorating it, affirming positive thoughts and then relishing and sharing it, is what the “Bake at Home” box is all about.

It’s convenient, it’s all-inclusive with pre measured ingredients, its yummy and truly is the “4 Steps to Homemade Happiness” - Mix, Fill, Bake & Decorate. 

We look forward to hearing your stories, where you indulge, share and spread this happiness! We'd love to see how you would bake it happen! :)

Love & Cheer!

Team Bake At Home C/o Happy Hotels and Travels Pvt Ltd